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And now V3 of our software means
even more benefits!

  • Create your Online Brochures in just a few minutes.
  • Now compatible with iPhones, iPads and most mobile devices.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics.
  • Hyperlink direct from any page of your online brochure to webpages or an email address so your customers can interact, order or contact you immediately.
  • Easy, instant access to any page with a hotlinked content page so customers can get straight to the bit they want at the click of a button.
  • Clear, large and readable pages every time - no matter what the screen size - because pages automatically enlarge to fill the screen (no need to fiddle around with zoom tools!).
  • Never lose the interesting bits! With easy-to-use 'bookmarks' your customers can instantly flip back to any page that caught their eye.
  • Pin-sharp print outs!
  • Vital stats for improved marketing and customer relations. With Online-Brochures you get a whole page of visitor stats.
  • Liven up your brochures with links to your own video
  • All prices quoted by phone include the first years hosting, if you would like to keep your brochure up for more than a year there will be a £50 hosting charge per year.

Online-Brochures.net now offers a wealth of new features to make your customer's online experience even more dynamic and exciting. It's now quicker to load and can seamlessly include YouTube video clips, Flickr content, online surveys, Google Maps, contact forms and 'send to a friend' facilities. It's also 100% compatible with Google Analytics.